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I feel pretty is offering a day where our little princesses can feel like one of a kind with our “I Feel Pretty” Packages. These packages will contain a day at our beautiful spa where the Birthday Girl will be pampered and treated like the princess that they are on their very special day. It will contain the full package when it comes to making our little princesses feeling refresh and pretty.

Those packages contain:

  • Confetti Popper, Complimentary Drinks, Princess Chair, Decor, Robes, Birthday Girl Tiara w/ Stash , Girly Makeover . Fashion runway, Disco Karaoke, Paint w/a Twist, Bath Salt Making , Gift Bags, Food, Drinks also MANI AND PEDI!  Great environment , kid friendly music and so much more! 
  • If you want your child to have a one of kind princess experience. I feel pretty will provide everything you need to make sure they feel pretty and also like one of a kind on their very special day.

With all of our packages we offer kid friendly virgin cocktails .